I have not previously contributed to this thread, but I have read it with interest and ordered many of the books from our local library system over the past year or so.

I wanted to thank whomever recommended "The Familiars," by Adam Jay Epstein on this board. DD6 devoured it.


I remember it being mentioned as "...similar to Harry Potter, but not so scary."

It was a great read for dd6 who really loves the more sophisticated story line of Harry Potter, but can't get past her fears. And she's not just afraid of "He Who Shall Not Be Named." She's worried about Harry breaking rules, concerned that he will get kicked out of Hogwarts, etc. Basically, she does not easily handle reading about stressful situations or people in peril, physically or emotionally.

That being said, she is entering a new fascination with spies and spying and asked for me to get her some "spy books." I did put "Harriet the Spy" on hold and ordered an earlier mentioned math decoding book (she is a mathy kid).

Any other thoughts?

Thanks so much!