lol DeHe, I can't figure out if DS is bothered by any of that stuff. He doesn't seem to be...but we haven't delved into certain things that I don't think he is ready for. Although he has read many books that I haven't yet. I just got him Phantom Tollbooth a couple days ago and he is almost done, and he is almost through the second book of the mysterious benedict society that he is reading with DH at night. We also read the george books and he really liked them a lot. We haven't read Harry Potter and some of those books though because I am not sure he is ready for that. It's so hard to know and I don't have time to read every book first.

Thanks Jesse, we may be brave and try it. Maybe I will order the first one and read it before Christmas and give it to him if I think it is okay. Is there actual death, or talk of death? Is there lots of violence?