I may have missed them, but a few from my childhood that *stick* are the Henry and Ribsy books by Beverly Cleary. I'm not a *huge* Cleary fan, but I always thought Ribsy was worth my time. smile

And don't forget Harriet The Spy (Fitzhugh). I used to hide under the living room sofa, "spying" on my parents, and wishing we had a dumb waiter....!

A newer one - the Dragon of Lonely Island by Rebecca Rupp. Fun story about three children who unwillingly (initially) spend a summer on a remote island at the home of their aunt. They discover an attic room that hints at the presence of something mysterious on the island - a dragon. They find him and he relates several moral tales, historically based, that help the children resolve some problems. One tale is about their aunt as well.

Very appropriate for the younger set - the stories are not harrowing, just adventures. The dragon is friendly. The follow-up book is equally appropriate, but not quite as strong a story.

~ Mingo and 9yo dd