Just wanted to post that the next Wimpy Kid book is coming out Oct. 12th, for kids who like this series (my ds9 has loved it from the beginning, lots of silly pictures, and apparently really speaks to the 2nd-5th grade crowd).


Don't want to get the thread off the topic of good reference books, that is a great question, onthegomom. I am curious to see more recommendations.

So far, we enjoy a set of encyclopedias and the monthly National Geographic. (Ds was gifted with a life subscription by an uncle, a great gift!)

Ds is more of a fiction guy, however, so dramatic-facty books are more appealing at the moment, such as any of the 'Guiness World Record' books, and well-illustrated books like Minnie mentions on how stuff works, such as castles. Books with cut-aways and cross sections, too. I think there are many good books if you google on 'cross-sections', the ones from DK are very cool.
Various Cross Section books

Lastly, we have just ordered this reference on race car engineering:
Race Car Engineering & Mechanics