I got DS6 a non-fiction book at the library the other day that I thought he would like. He LOVES it (you know the kind of book that they have to bring a flashlight with them so they can read in the car at night) smile

It's called "The kid who named Pluto: And the stories of other extraordinary young people in science." http://www.amazon.com/Kid-Who-Named...mp;s=books&qid=1297351900&sr=8-1

Stories include the following contributors:
Robert Goddard, who invented the science of rocketry.
Venetia Burney, the girl who named the planet Pluto.
Isaac Asimov, who wrote over 350 books.
Philo Farnsworth, a boy who invented television.
Mary Anning, a girl who was the first to find the fossilized remains of many dinosaurs.
Sarah Flannery, a girl who invented a new secret code.
Truman Henry Stafford, a boy who was a lightning calculator.
Emily Rosa, whose science experiment debunked a medical procedure.
Louis Braille, who invented the Braille system of writing for the blind.