Can't believe the "Magic Far Away Tree" just got a mention! Thanks for the link. I literally just started in on this book with DS6 this week and was wondering if anyone, anywhere else still reads Enid and her British books! They are so British in tone - they make me giggle now that we live in the US! I was wondering if they were still available and up on Amazon. I'm reading him the book I've owned since I was a child. I'm a big "Famous Five" and "Island of Adventure" series fan of Enid's. They were always the "Nancy Drew" counterpart weren't they? Although I read many of these books as late as 10 yrs of age and older - because I wasn't exposed to them earlier - I think many a younger child can enjoy them. We recently also read her "Bedtime Stories" - many of which were silly and old fashioned - but she does clever things for children, like use rhyming words or riddles in her stories, poetry mixed in, old fashioned morals - always a consequence to your actions type tone - and sometimes prayers - depending on the book - and she never ceases to fire up the imagination. I think there is something about her writing that just totally resonates with how children think. DS6 is alreayd in love with Moon Face, the slippery slip slide down the center of the Tree and the thought of magical lands appearing int he cloud. We are only on Chatper 3 and he is begging eveyr night to read the next chapter before th next day comes around! It's innocent 5-6 yr old fun that you don't really find easily these days in popular culture anymore. "Pop Biscuit" anyone?