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The only down side, as far as my son is concerned, is that there are only three books in the series smile

That always happens to us too, especially when you get a book that just clicks like ordinary boy. I usually try then to find other books by the author but that only goes so far, we are waiting currently for the next calendar mysteries, Danny dragon breath, and a few more I can't keep track of!!

Is there anything DS9 liked as much? Preferable same emotional and scary level, trying to avoid the older stuff but its tough with DS5 reading so far ahead, why did they call him a nerd mommy, what does it mean? We picked up the max disaster books and he loves the graphics and the idea of alien eraser but it's also about a boy dealing with divorce, so for days, he was very concerned about our relationship!! So when I find a book which is interesting w/o being dumbed down but not dealing with stuff he isn't
ready for. Intellectually he gets it but it worries him because he chews over whatever he read, so try to avoid the tough stuff for now. He would so love harry potter and some advanced sci fi but way too scary most of the time. smile


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