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Can someone on the board recommend some high quality picture books for younger kids who read at advanced grade level. My DS7 just finished first grade, reading level is about R-S for guided reading or about 5-6th grade. He will read chapter books if they are intensely interesting, but continually requests picture books. He even asked if i could get chapter books tha have illustrations on every page!! (tall order).. My local librarian told us there were lots of picture books designed for older readers but we've only found a few at this point. Patricia Polacco seems like a good fit but the story i picked quickly for him is too mature (deals with Holocaust)..


My DS6 has no interest in chapter books, he prefers pictures, his reading level is ahead but his interest level is age appropriate and hes intimidated by too much text. We're doing a lot of graphic novels and he loves them. He's reading Babymouse now, it's very cute. The librarian recommended Bone. I'm not sures if my DS is ready for them but yours probably us. We started one called Joey Fly: Private Eye, my DS didn't care for it but I think it's better for a kid a bit older.