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If you want a book that relates to giftedness, however, I would recommend Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card (although you may have seen or heard this recommendation a multitude of times). The book is about a young boy named Ender Wiggin who, from a misdeed he does, gets awarded with the promise of a military camp. He goes through rigorous treatment, but that's all I could summarize (I'm not finished yet... blush). However, the story is rather interesting. If you want something that gifted kids to relate to while probing the complexity of war, this is for you!

Great suggestion. DD14 *loved* Ender's Game when she read it a few years ago, and liked one of the sequels, Ender's Shadow about as much. She read a few other ones but didn't like them as good as those two, but there are a bunch of different opportunities for sequels/prequels if your kid likes Ender's Game.
I will, though, warn that this probably isn't the best series for kids under 10-11, even if they are on the reading level. When DD was into the series I looked into it, and there is a lot of Brutal Violence, a few sexual themes (maybe more in the other books), and about every curse word known to man (once again, I believe this was more in ender's shadow). I know some parents are fine with this, and it is a *Brilliant* book (probably still one of my daughter's favorite books), but I just wanted you to be aware that this was a book intended for Adults in the beginning and therefore isn't the greatest for all kids, especially the sensitive ones.