Aaahh, IronMom, you're a woman after me own heart....

BOO SpongeBob, Hiss, Moan....

Our benighted public library keeps DISCARDING lovely children's novels (by Dick King-Smith, for instance, or William Mayne) and replacing them with cartoon tie-ins; it makes me very cross (even though we personally benefit because I scoop up lots of nice books for a quarter apiece!)--there are so many wonderful books that kids visiting the library might never see. My rants in the suggestion box have so far gone unheeded, however!


PS I think Frenchie has read every Enid Blyton in existence! Too bad so many are out of print, as it would be fun to reload his shelves with the Five and the Seven, at least.

PS again--A friend gave Harpo a SpongeBob "book" (I use the term loosely, you understand) for his second birthday, and I just couldn't read the thing--Bob was supposed to be having a garage sale, and that pink thing, whatever it's called, was helping him move stuff out of his cave to sell; Bob, greedy thing, decided he couldn't part with any of his possessions because he was all about the stuff! Nice message. We changed it to Bob and the pink thing gathering up all their stuff to give to the St Vincent de Paul, and then we just threw the silly volume away.