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Cathy - can I sign up for your class? Pretty please??

I was actually researching VCI and PRI and what does those indices mean in the real world. I was surprised to read somewhere that VCI correlates more with algebraic thinking and PRI with geometric abilities ie that math and verbal domains are linked as you stated.

Thanks, Dazey! It's so fun to teach people who are excited about learning (that's why I like third graders smile .) Teaching a bunch of jaded college students taking a required course that they hate is torture.

There is a math website I came across and it explained fractions just the way you did and also addressed the importance of doing so. Coincidentally, w/out knowing why or the significance of it, it's how I taught my boys fractions at a young age.

I'm not sure how significant it is, but it sure makes sense! Otherwise, kids just get a look of panic on their faces when they see two numbers with a weird little line between them. What the heck is that about? It must be hard. If nothing else, exposing kids to higher math will get them accustomed to seeing different kinds of notation. Just like we expose toddlers to the alphabet without expecting them to read right away. Why do we (as a culture) feel like we have to keep math a secret? Why do we send the message that it's "too hard" or "too confusing"?