Kriston - have you looked at There is also a curriculum sold by Rainbow Resources called Calculus for Young People or something close to that. Now, it didn't get good reviews but it could be people were looking for more structure. There are also a few Teaching co. Courses on the Beauty of Math etc.

I understand what you are saying and I see some of that with my son. I was hoping that would more easily bring in that unit study approach. I do own it but w/ public school goin so badly, I've not gotten into it. It did fit nicely w/ our history but school takes up so much time.

As far as math facts, the program I use, Rightstart math, doesn't drill them in the beginning. The facts are internalized through playing games. I found that approach was better for my boy. Later it does introduce using math facts work sheets to get quick at writing them but I like the game approach of figuring them out each time using sound strategies.