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OK I haven't read this article in it's entirity - let me say that upfront - but it sounds like it might be relevant to this topic. Lockhart's Lament

I just read all 25 pages. Thanks for sharing that, Dazey!

He makes many good points, I think, some the same as Dr. F and some that are more extreme and a wee bit scary...

But the focus of the article on the art and beauty of math, the DIY nature of math that current math instruction is lacking makes some sense to me. I like the notion of using the history of math to teach math. I think that gives me a way into math that is interesting and useful. DS6 loves history, and I find it less intimidating to go at it from that direction, so that might be very helpful to me.

The article also makes me think I need to go back to the geometry book and be sure I'm not making all the mistakes he named in my use of geometry with DS6! Yikes!