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LOL Cathy! Most people I know who were good at geometry weren't so good at algebra and people who were good at algebra weren't as good at geometry. I personally LOVED algebra and although I did well in geometry I hated proofs with a passion. I saw absolutely no point in them. Anyone else out here love one and disliked the other or is that just a phenomenon I've noticed in the few people I've discussed this with???

I loved Algebra but saw absolutely no reason for the proofs in geometry. I mean, really, we know what the angles are and which is which and how they relate, so what's the point?

After having read all of this thread, I like the theories of teaching math but I have a question. If my guy LIKES doing workbooks, is there any harm in that? Will it stifle his love of learning or will he eventually get bored with them and want to move on to other things. I don't actually teach him out of them - just provide them.