AmyEJ - I'm so with you!!! I've used Rightstart to teach my son math b/c I don't care for the Everyday Math he gets at school and he was begging to move ahead in math. I feel like I finally understand. It teaches math the way your DH does it. I explained it to DS this way. I can't remember the exact problem, but it was a problem where you could do it the long way and get the right answer or you could estimate to 10, subtract, and get the answer in 1sec. When I was in school, i was the kid doing it the long, methodical way. The kids who *knew* math, did it the quick and dirty way and were several problems ahead by the time I finished the one problem and had time left over to re-check answers whereas I did not. Teaching math this way, I finally feel like I've been let in on some secret! I too LOVED balancing equations in chemistry!

Kriston: I'd love a PM of your notes as well!