I think that all you can do for a 6 year old at this point in regards to calculus is showing him that this is one of the ways to problem solve. In order to "get" calculus one should have an understanding of functions as well as some laws of physics. If you start without it, calculus makes no sense, IMO.

I never though that I would be the one to say that,(LOL, I am usually accused of speeding up the process) but why would you want to do it? Algebra is much more approachable without much prior knowledge of math, so why not look into algebra for elementary schools? Do you think that in order for your son to enjoy math he needs to be introduced to calc? I am not advocating waiting till college either, but there is so much more to math than calculus. Start looking into more descreet math, like number theory or probability . This should prove to be very enjoyble :-)

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