Thanks, Dazey and Debbie. I'm looking at Living Math right now, and I'll check out Calc for Young People. I am feeling a little resistant to any curriculum right now, but if I find one that is more of a resource and less of a structured program, I'll probably grab it up so fast it will make your head spin! laugh

I really like what you said about thinking of it as guiding, not teaching, Debbie. I'll probably re-read your post several times...

I do use those teachable moments for all they're worth. I'm very comfortable with teaching that way...everything but math! LOL! But I feel like this is different from that, or at least I want it to be. I do want some sort of organized plan (with full freedom to deviate from it, of course! Ha!) for my own sanity. But I don't want the plan to focus on arithmetic and workbooks. I wanted to teach more science next year anyway, and this fits that goal nicely. But I have to plan the experiments and history lessons that require the graphing. I don't want himn to read about it, I want him to do it.

I love all the help! Gosh, thanks everyone! grin