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When you get it figured out maybe you can share it with the rest of us. I'd definitely be interested in that. And I'd love a PM of your notes, if it's not too much trouble.

IF I get it figured out, you mean! crazy Those Wikipedia pages scared me more than a little! Seriously, I had to look up *so* many words. It's more than a little intimidating. I did take calculus, both in high school and in college. I can do this, right?!

I keep reminding myself that that's just the notations and terminology that are throwing me. I don't have to know all that or use all that to teach DS6 that fractals are cool or that problem solving is about finding a fun puzzle of his choosing to figure out. At this stage, I just want to focus on the big picture. If I get bogged down in math the way I learned it, this won't work.

Outside the box...Outside the box...Outside the box...

Anyway, thanks for the moral support, Amy, and I'll send you and Dazey a copy of the guy's talk when I get my notes transferred to this computer.