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Not a series but I think your animal lover would enjoy Nurk by Ursula Vernon (author of the Dragonbreath series). It's relatively short, but had a great story and I'm pretty sure it had a high lexile.

My son also loved "The Secret Zoo" which has a sequel coming out soon. It's got a touch of bad guys in it but mostly adventure and talking animals too!

Thanks CA mom - tried last week to get Nurk from the library but it was "lost" I hate lost, its always good but not super well known that disappear. I checked out the Secret Zoo and it sounds perfect -a review said:

"This book, which is the first of a series, is a fast-paced mix of mystery and fantasy. There is enough action and suspense to keep the most reluctant reader entertained while simultaneously emphasizing the importance of friendship and teamwork"

He's not reluctant but I love when they say stuff about friendship. We have enough issues in pre-k that I don't want it in his books yet! Or if they have it, they tell how to deal with it!