Thank you. I'm going to go thru these and see what I can find.

BWBShari-I know what you mean by not trying so hard. I wish he would take more effort with this. I certainly have tried to promote that.

Books help him relax and not be bored so that helps me, so I keep trying. It's so nice when he has a huge series to read and he is more content.

He Loved these too- Stephen Hawking, Avi's Poppy series, Kenneth Oppel's Silverwing. He has had interest in dragons. He read the Cowell books, but I think there is a new one.

He doesn't like dogs, and has never read horse stories. He won't go near oZ, alice in wonderland, narnia, Harry Potter,- something scared him with these I think.

He is just starting to learn about war this year and is excited. I'm not sure if I would want more of this or not. He needs things that are not too scary.

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