I know some great books for middle school, but I'm not sure if anyone will show interest yet.

One good book is "Much Ado About Nothing", by William Shakespeare. I found it in this giant book of Shakespearian romances, and saw a well-written romantic comedy by the bard himself. Much Ado About Nothing boasts a strong heroine, a great plot, and sophisticated jokes that gifted people could understand with their quick grasping skills. Here is a warning, though: it may be slightly too violent, and some sexual jokes run rampant. Overall, though, this is one of my favorite Shakespearian plays.
If you want a book that relates to giftedness, however, I would recommend Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card (although you may have seen or heard this recommendation a multitude of times). The book is about a young boy named Ender Wiggin who, from a misdeed he does, gets awarded with the promise of a military camp. He goes through rigorous treatment, but that's all I could summarize (I'm not finished yet... blush). However, the story is rather interesting. If you want something that gifted kids to relate to while probing the complexity of war, this is for you!

That's all I could recommend today! See you on the other forums! ^^

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