Just wanted to say 'Thanks!' to everyone who mentioned/recommended 'George's Secret Key to the Universe'.

I got this for DS9 a couple weeks ago, and he sort of sniffed at it, but about a week ago I finally got him to crack it, and he just LOVED it. He thought it was hilarious. I thought he'd enjoy the science aspect of it, but had no idea it was so enjoyably funny!!! That really seems to be the kicker for ds, a really great laugh-out loud book, plus SCIENCE. He was in hog heaven. Yay!! Thanks ALL smile

When he saw it was a series, he was soooo excited - I have to go out today and get the next one, hope I can find it easily.

Oh, and it was just so gratifying to have him ask me what neutron star was yesterday, and I actually had an ok answer for him, as I've been doing some reading on the subject as well! Fun stuff. laugh