We crossposted, Squirt. Sorry!

Yes, that's my big worry--that I don't know math well enough to apply it appropriately. I know DS6 and I will be learning together. That's a given for this English major! But I think that can work. It certainly seems better than just doing arrithmetic problems ad nauseaum, unconnected to anything else as we have been doing.

I think your're right that I'll have to adapt his method, since I'm not the natural that he is at math. But even so, I think that makes good sense and could be a lot more successful than what we've been doing. I just feel like I'm replicating all the mistakes teachers made with me. I need to try SOMETHING else! And I don't think a different book is the answer. This is radical, but it seems to be a step in the right direction, even if I have to modify it to my own limited math abilities.

Maybe what I need is for Dr. F to teach me math so I can understand it and can teach it to DS6! wink