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Example to divide a circle with a line, you must highlight the two points of inetersection with your mouse. Then choose the line from the rigt side of the screen (Not the segment, or you will get the problem wrong) Once you have the line passing through the circle, you then click on the part that says you are finished (I forgot the name of the actual button) It may then ask you to name the line. If you click on the line Q it will add in the information automaticly. Then press enter. We had to do it wrong a few times until we understood how the program worked. If this is what you needed, I hope it helps. If it is some orther issue, I propably would be of no help. Best of Luck


Thanks! Ds got two similar questions wrong because this part isn't very intuitive, good to know how to do these now.

Sittin Pretty - from everything I've read, it does take a while for a child to move up, and probably in most cases would be worth moving up manually so a child doesn't get uninterested in the program. I hope we do get the training asap, since my ds is 'stuck' too. smile
We are taking this week to do some multiplication fact review since he seems to have forgotten a bunch of that...so back to 'timezattack' for a bit (guess the totally non-academic summer so far/video games did turn his brain to mush!)

Renie - we had a similar issue while using Google Chrome browser, so I just switched to the IE which I already have installed. The popup was visible after I allowed them, but the drop and drag functionality was not working.

If you switch to IE you may still have to 'allow' popups.
If you know how to do this, please make sure they're allowed...or you can PM me about your particular browser and we can see if we can get it figured out together. Or at least it'll be a good question for when mel and I take this web-training. smile

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P.S. Thanks to Melissa and Chris for serving as our admins!!!!
You're welcome!! And thanks to all others chiming in with helpful hints too smile

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