Here is the message I posted on the WTM board to answer questions, maybe it will help here.

I just spoke with Stanford EPGY the end of last week. I am starting a homeschool group under my homeschool, I am registered in my state and homeschool with a non-public school determination from the state. You would be joining the open enrollment program under my homeschool "district".

This means that you will have access from EPGY to all their online class materials. You will receive tech support from those in the group who have volunteered to learn the necessary troubleshooting from EPGY. They will become the SSA's for the group. You, as the parent then take on the role as teacher. You are NOT purchasing an individual class from EPGY, to do that (and you may on your own) you must first apply, your child must then meet their requirements and be accepted before you can enroll. Then you would deal with EPGY. Those classes start at $495 a quarter I believe it is. In this program you are purchasing access to the materials only, for $135, for the year. The SSA's will contact EPGY on your behalf with any access problems if they are unable to resolve them.

The program is open throughout their "year" but obviously the sooner you sign up the more you get for your money. That is why I have been pursuing this since I found out of it's existance and the interest. I have to have 20 families express interest in order to submit to EPGY for group status. For more information please visit the link you can toggle away from that page in the EPGY site to view more information. For more information about the individual program (seperate from this offering) or to view samples of the materials visit the link at

Also, just to be sure it's clear, once you receive your email from Stanford EPGY you will create a login and pay on their website. They will then generate your account. I will not be accepting any money. In that email will be the information for contact with the SSA's for help you may need with the program.

Hope it helped.

EPGY OE Volunteer Group Leader