Hi everyone. I just wanted to post and let you know that we are all in the same situation. My DD is signed in for 4.5 when she is in 6th. The program automatically starts everyone a half a year behind based on age, like mentioned, to make sure there aren't any missed concepts. As to changing grade levels:

I have tried to contact EPGY repeatedly in the last week. Marie is in Vancouver at a conference and unavailable until Monday August 17th. I am scheduled for a webinar on the 20th of August to learn how to run the program. I received a call back from someone else at EPGY yesterday and they only gave me the same message.

Once Chris and I get the training from EPGY, changing the grade levels and material covered is supposed to be point and click simple but is done on our end, not in a screen you will have access to. It will require you to email one of us and we will adjust it, like Wei-l mentioned above with the EPGY tech support.

I am very sorry for the delay. Had I realized this would be a problem for so many of us I would have waited to send out the emails with registration information, and would have waited another paycheck to enroll myself.

EPGY OE Volunteer Group Leader