Hi Cricket, I can take a quick look and tell you what page exactly I was on, see if it's the same one you are trying to change the grade on.

Ok, I was here, but afraid last time I just saw the list of grades but didn't actually change any, and now I am not sure this will work.
Click on the date next to a course. Click on view report.
Click on concepts summary. Click on any concept areas your child has already started on, these will be shown in black, a pop up comes up. There is a place to change grade and/or concepts. I think if they proceed on this screen and answer all questions in a section correctly they may get bumped up.(based on some of the other posts here)
For instance if they are in 3rd, and you select 5th grade on this screen and they get them right, I am hoping this will move them up.
If someone has more info on this, please post while we wait for a bit more info from Melissa.

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