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Renie, I figured out how to adjust now, too.

I found the summary and reports - if you go to the 'start course' page, but don't click on 'Run Course', there are other links, though not too obvious. Click on the date of last session for a course and you get to the reports, and other info.

I've figured out how to get into the reports as well and dd did get 100% on the math problems that she did last night. It does seem to have moved her up very slowly automatically in those areas where she has done problems (level 3.52 rather than 3.5 in the areas where she hasn't been presented any problems yet, for instance).

I do not see how to manually adjust the level up, though. I did go in and change her grade from 4th to 5th (which is not accurate actually) to see if that would move her math settings up from mid-3rd grade, but it did not. I really would like to start her at 4th grade math not 3rd. Does anyone know how to adjust this?