My son if working on EPGY math now, although not yet through this open enrollment program. Those bar graphs are repetitive but I really don't think much else is repetitive in the third grade (my son is at 3.5) if the math level isn't too easy for your child. I definitely think repetitiveness is a sign that it is too easy. EPGY is set up to do about 4 problems in an area. If your child gets them all right, it skips to the next area. If he misses one, then you get a bunch more problems. I often warn my son to be careful or else he'll get a bunch of repetitive problems.

When we started this summer, my son was at 2.0. Way too easy. After a weekend, they adjusted it to 2.5. He no longer complained about it being easy. Now at 3.5, he doesn't breeze through it anymore. He actually has to think and work through it. He will not move through the 3rd grade as quickly as he did the 2nd. I think it is just a better placement although I do not regret doing the end of 2nd grade. EPGY covers some algebra and geometry concepts that my son has never seen before.