Although the pace currently is a little slow, DS7 has stuck with it. Time of use about 361 minutes, and has moved from 3.5 to 3.9. Note this is not at 100%, more like 95%. He has completed 646 exersices He misses some, mostly careless, or not understanding what is being asked. Much of the set problems are new, Union, Intersection, etc.. Its easy but the terms are new.He should be doing 4th next week. So far he is ok with it, I am sure that it will get more dificult. I did like the beging of proofs part. Good foundation stuff. His motavation has been equal video time for math and reading time. I know some may disagree with it, self motavation and all, but it seems to work.

Adding some more info
DS7 has the following still to do
Measurment 8 Lessons
Logic 8 Lessons
Fractions 2 Lessons
Geometry 5 Lessons
Integers 26 Lessons
Statistics 1 Lesson

Assuming 5 problems per lesson (Big Assumtion)
260 more problems, about 2-3 more hours.

I know this is not apples to apples comparisons, but it may be of help for thouse looking at the work still left to do.

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