Hi Renie

I am using both explore, and Firefox. I am having some issues, but I belive then to be issues with our computers. In regards to the geomoetry lesson it took us a lille time to figure out how the controls work.

Example to divide a circle with a line, you must highlight the two points of inetersection with your mouse. Then choose the line from the rigt side of the screen (Not the segment, or you will get the problem wrong) Once you have the line passing through the circle, you then click on the part that says you are finished (I forgot the name of the actual button) It may then ask you to name the line. If you click on the line Q it will add in the information automaticly. Then press enter. We had to do it wrong a few times until we understood how the program worked. If this is what you needed, I hope it helps. If it is some orther issue, I propably would be of no help. Best of Luck


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