Hello everyone,
I wanted to express my thankfulness for all the great answers that I've received in the process. I feel like I got steered in the right direction at a moment where this definitely was not the only possible outcome. I feel way more balanced now, as many of my doubts have been adressed.
As you might have noticed throughout the thread, this was all a somehow turbulent time for me; I believe I have been quite emotional and therefore sometimes expressing doubts, ideas, thoughts in a possibly chaotic, unfiltered, manner. I hope this was not too strenuous to anyone.
I have gotten many helpful answers on my particular case, as well as a range of wisdoms that still resonate with me today. I do not take it for granted that I can simply "show up" at a place like this forum, articulate a multitude of questions, and get a range of helpful answers within hours.
In particular, I wish to reflect on the fact that a lot of the wisdoms that have been shared here, might have been not as easy to obtain in that abundance and diversity, not so long ago, as roaming around the Internet was not such commonplace. For some of you, it might have taken months, years or decades more, whilst I could basically open my laptop, write a few sentences, and immediately get such response. Therefore, I feel truly blessed, and I sincerely hope I will know how to be helpful here to anyone, from time to time and therefore perpetuate, and give back what Iíve received.
I did mention my idea to make a post about giftedness and mental health, as the latter subject has been one of the foci of my studies, and personal thoughts so far. I have started something but am still quite busy at the moment, so completion might still take a while.
In the meantime, I wish the best to all of you in your endeavours!

PS: for anyone who is interested, and as an answer to @Eagle Mum: the class of statistical models I am investigating is useful not only in psychology, but also in other fields, notably also bioinformatics; in the end, I also chose this subject as it felt like it might leave open doors for transitions, or no transition smile. I also feel that data-savy people are going to be demanded in the years or possibly decades to come, so engaging on that path, without being completely set on the area of application, might be a good choice for now; it allows me to combine personal interest, and pragmatic considerations.

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