Hello everyone,
I am still struggling with my MS thesis especially with assessing how thoroughly I need to go about a subject.
Subject: a statistical method
Thorough examination: it is being misunderstood, used in wrong or suboptimal ways
My idea: design a new statistical method

Problem: not enough math background. I would need to catch up some background and it might take some time before I get there. The alternative is to produce a "suboptimal" piece of paper.

PRO going all in:
- I am tired of doing stuff the "stupid" way and pretending I don't see what could be done better. It takes a toll on my mental health after a time.
- I could "prove" with the thesis my interest in math. Would help for PhDs in related fields.
- I have a problem with my scientific honor/ethic contributing to work I believe is misleading. (In other words: I believe I know enough about a field to know which is the right direction to steer it into, and which not).
- I am honestly afraid of my perspectives with the degree, especially considering the positions I am eyeing require the math background I didn't get with the degree

- financially irresponsible. I need a job.
- on the paper, I am not doing anything wrong by completing requirements for a degree solely with the knowledge that is being transmitted in the degree
- I might simply be impatient. Maybe sometimes it is okay to keep ideas in the back of your head and take them out at the right moment

Maybe someone to be a reasonable voice to me?
I am still feeling devoid of social support mostly except with you here which is why I am asking