Hi Raphael,

Its good to hear that you are moving forward. I dont think you should worry about what age you will be when you reach your destination. The journey itself should be of main importance. If you can keep learning whilst working for a living, then several degrees in a broad range of fields by your early thirties would be a fantastic achievement.

I only finished studying and my last postgrad exam at the age of 33. That was without any real setbacks (there were a couple of unexpected detours which brought me to a slightly different destination, but I certainly have no complaints). Some of my friends failed and had to repeat undergrad &/or postgrad years a number of times, so they were in their mid-late thirties before they finished their studies. They all have successful careers & lives now. We did start our families before we completed studying, so life was hectic, but we certainly dont have any regrets in hindsight.

Enrolling in a bioinformatics masters without a bachelors degree in the same area is quite a significant undertaking, especially with that price tag, so it would be appropriate to ensure that all the prerequisite knowledge is covered before enrolling and taking on the hefty fees, but as per my preamble, instead of seeing this as a delay, look upon the maths studies (formally enrolled or otherwise) as a journey through interesting territory where only a very small minority of the population will ever venture and enjoy the experience.

Best wishes.

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