Ah, yes! Being a gifted pluripotent individual has its drawbacks. One is often able to engage in an activity and also provide critique of one's performance relative to a high standard. It can be frustrating, when no sooner is one goal accomplished than striving for another (or several) begins. Striving can be positive or one might feel driven to prove something and unable to turn that off. You've not failed if you've enjoyed the process, the use of your senses... the smell of the soil, the sight of your garden, the taste of your herbs, the sounds of your surroundings and/or your music.

Having a pet such as a dog or cat that will make its needs known, and provide feedback as to how well you are meeting those needs, can be a wonderful experience, as well as providing ever-present reality checks:
- the need to step back from tasks and interact with one who depends on you (thereby exchanging the pursuit of perfection in a hobby for the pursuit of a few moments to "unwind" with a hobby),
- the need to sleep, to budget, to have some semblance of a routine,
- to receive the acceptance, admiration, affirmation, and validation that such pets can bestow.

Although when introduced many people ask about one's career, and may continue to identify people by their career throughout the lifespan, the world economy is rapidly changing:
- computer automation may take over some career fields,
- jobs may be exported to less highly compensated labor markets,
- individuals with visas may move to a country and begin to dominate certain jobs,
- demographic apportionment may play a larger role in hiring and promotion,
- meritocracy, work ethic, ongoing professional development may play a decreasing role,
- governments may begin to pay a uniform wage to all workers regardless of the work they do, under socialism, if supply-and-demand capitalism falls.
Therefore my advice to everyone deciding on a career or seeking a career change, is to consider that taking control of one's life may involve prioritizing being OK regardless of career, career changes, career loss, or possible dictation/assignment of job roles in the not-so-distant future.

Just my 2 cents.