Thanks a lot for the support again. I feel very welcome in this community smile

@ Wren: after a quick search, I haven't found the program at King's College yet. I might after a longer search smile

@ AEH: thanks for the advice. I actually have started learning Linear Algebra with the MIT Lectures by Gilbert Strang but didn't follow through at the time because I was unsure of whether I needed the courses documented or not, and also not clear on which my goal was.

@ Eagle Mum: Thanks for pointing out the necessity of acquiring the prerequisite knowledge. I have been quite bad at planning out things so far, also in my studies. Partly also, as I believe, as a side effect of giftedness and of my history of procrastination and being stuck in my room becoming insane and losing touch with reality. Am still stumbling a bit sometimes there, so I definitely enjoy getting the feedback from all of you.

It is incredible to realise that I might actually be capable of following through with all of this. It might sound overly dramatic, but I am currently tying ends which have (arguably) been lose for the last 10 years, and getting to the root of a suffering that has been going on since my childhood. Still a bit overwhelmed, but getting more happy and less bitter day by day.

I need to do a lot of planning now. I might get back to you for some questions and will update on the success of the operation.