One more thing - if you change direction, what youve learned is unlikely to be wasted. A broad range of knowledge & understanding usually serves the owner well. This would also be true in the field of bioinformatics for which youve expressed an interest.

One specific bioinformatics example which springs from memory, was discovering that a commercial software system for massively parallel sequencing did not flag some clinical instances of pathogenic deletions. The bioinformatics experts explained that this was because tandem repeat polymorphisms are quite common, so the system was programmed to ignore length variations in sequences with repeating motifs. It was difficult for these computing experts, who had no understanding of physiology, to appreciate that one cannot apply a general rule which ignores deletions & duplications in coding regions of DNA because these are likely to produce frameshifts resulting in absent or non functioning proteins, leading to serious inheritable disorders.

A Jack of All Trades & Master of None may often be better equipped to identify and troubleshoot problems, or recognise opportunities for improvement or development, than those who are experts in a very narrow field.