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To be able to be placed in a full-time gifted classroom, students must have four of the following five things:
1. 125 or higher on the RIAS (huh?)
2. Grade of A in all core subjects for the past semester
3. 97th percentile (I think) on SAT-10 or a certain score on the FCAT
4. A "very superior" rating on their "portfolio"(I've asked what the "portfolio" is comprised of and if it is an actual physical thing, but I've been unable to get a good answer from any of the four people I've asked).
5. A certain ranking on a gifted characteristics checklist. (Said checklist weighs heavily on qualities of extroverted leadership and students have to have 125 out of 135 possible points if I remember correctly).

I think a moderately gifted kid with pushy parents would get into this easier than a bored HG/PG kid. If you're gifted, but not dialed-in, you could easily miss #s 2 and 5, and very likely 3 as well.


You hit the nail on the head. Our introverted HG+ son blew 1-3 out of the water but missed #4 and #5 and until he gets those, he's held out of full time gifted. It's ABSOLUTELY what he needs, but he's not going to be the automatic outgoing leader and he's not going to give them more/better work that they're asking for. . . sigh. . .