Our school uses an OLSAT screener at the end of 2nd grade to select kids for further testing in 3rd via a Stanford 10. So for our son, the school initiated the testing. No pull-outs right now as they are doing differentiation only.

Our daughter somehow didn't pass or didn't get given (no clear paperwork in her file denoting which happenstance), and we found out that we could nominate her for testing. She's in 7th grade. They gave her the Stanford 10 and then a slimmed down Woodcock-Johnson. She got identified based on her uberhigh math scores on the Stanford 10. She just got moved from 7th grade math to a 9th grade algebra class this semester.

We have a very small student population though --- only about 575 kids K-12 in our lil burg. They try to accommodate the best they can.