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To be able to be placed in a full-time gifted classroom, students must have four of the following five things:
1. 125 or higher on the RIAS (huh?)
2. Grade of A in all core subjects for the past semester
3. 97th percentile (I think) on SAT-10 or a certain score on the FCAT
4. A "very superior" rating on their "portfolio"(I've asked what the "portfolio" is comprised of and if it is an actual physical thing, but I've been unable to get a good answer from any of the four people I've asked).
5. A certain ranking on a gifted characteristics checklist. (Said checklist weighs heavily on qualities of extroverted leadership and students have to have 125 out of 135 possible points if I remember correctly).

I think a moderately gifted kid with pushy parents would get into this easier than a bored HG/PG kid. If you're gifted, but not dialed-in, you could easily miss #s 2 and 5, and very likely 4 as well.


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For gifted children, doing nothing is the wrong choice.