We have 4 public school boards to pick from where I live - English Catholic, English Public, French Catholic, and French Public. You have to have at least one francophone parent to get into the French schoolboards. The English boards both do French Immersion for those that want French but don't speak it at home.

English Catholic screen nominated kids in grade 3 with the CCAT (Canadian Cognitive Abilities Test). Teachers or parents can nominate students. You can also submit private test results (WISC or SB). Qualified kids get a one day a week pull out.

English Public screen nominated kids in SK (and I think in grade 4) with the CCAT. Teachers or parents can nominate and you can also test privately (WISC or SB). Qualified kids have the option of full time congregated.

The two French boards don't have gifted programs and don't test AFAIK.

In a system where it is up to parents to test it wouldn't shock me that more boys get tested privately. I know 4 identified gifted kids my DS7's age and all were "discovered" the same way, they were all urged to do ADHD evaluations privately and they came out gifted instead. Of the 4, 3 are boys. We haven't tested our DD5 yet but I suspect she will also qualify. So far she's surviving kindergarten without the same drama we had with DS. We'll find out soon if she meets the criteria.