In our district they administer the CogAT and the ITBS. If they don't score in the 98th% on the CotAT they don't take the ITBS.

To get into the full time program, they must score at the 99th% on the CogAT, 99th% on ITBS math, and 98th% for ITBS reading.

Otherwise, if they score at least in the 98th% for all 3 but don't meet those standards, they are get into the once-a-week pull-out program.

If they're in 2nd or above, they also have to have received grades averaging at least 3.5 (out of 4) on last year's report card before they can even test.

If they don't score at least in the 98th% on all 3, then they are out of luck. No re-testing in the current year or alternate tests accepted, you can only wait and try again the next year.