Having herded three kids through the GT program in our school district, I still can't say for sure. On the one hand, there is so much info available; on the other hand, it is as clear as mud. There is also a difference between identified as GT and placement in GT classes. Things have changed this year with implementation of Common Core, but in the past there was one class out of 6 to 7 in each grade starting in 3rd officially designated as GT. It is also possible for a couple of students to be in the GT reading/language arts block but not in the GT math/science block and vice versa. However, unofficially the stand-alone GT classrooms actually start with first grade but there is movement in and out over the next couple of years since some kids who seem ahead at 6 or 7 do not develop as fast as other kids who weren't so obviously ahead at 6 or 7 so the district will not apply the GT label until 3rd grade. It is not truly a "gifted" program as about 10% of elementary children in the district are in at least one GT class(reading/language arts or math/science) with or without the GT label and that number is closer to 15%-18% at our school.