@indigo - When we inquired about grade acceleration for DS last year, we were told a student has to show that he is two years ahead in order to skip one year. Don't get me started on this policy. I will be asking about it, but I think it's unlikely it will be granted. And if she can be in a class where the teacher surreptitiously subject accelerates her, that might be better anyway.

I know DD isn't the only kid here who holds it in all day and then explodes when she gets home. But yes, it is difficult to explain to a teacher that the sweet girl she sees during the day is often a grouchy pill for hours after school.

@binip - I would love suggestions on helping DD learn to cope with school! Right now her coping mechanism is avoidance, which is unhealthy. So, assuming that you've got a 6yo who believes learning should be fun (because so far it has been), but who is not even experiencing "learning is not fun" because she's not learning in school, what would you do?

@puffin - I have found with DS that many of my homeschooling plans were scuttled because he wanted to do something completely different. (He is not the kid who sits and makes lapbooks, as much fun as I thought that would be.) So...I won't know if I'm prepared until it actually happens. smile But I'm prepared to be prepared! I would love for her to finish out the school year and do some practice homeschool this summer.

She is not scared of the specials teachers, she likes them. She is a little intimidated by PE, because she's not particularly sporty and I believe she worries that she will look stupid in front of her more athletic classmates. Science class is a joke for her. This month they learned about the seasons. Not what causes them. The names and order. Useful information, but much too basic for a kid who is excited that the spring equinox is next week and knows why it is called that.