In other words, my kids do not expect school to be fun or stimulating. I think that's an unrealistic expectation. It's public school. The purpose is to make sure we have a population mostly composed of productive adults, not to realize one's full potential, have fun, or pursue your interests. That is what you do on your own time.

Binip, do your kids ever complain or act out because school is not what they expect ? How do they cope ? Reading under the table is not allowed in my child's school -- it is actually seen as disrespect. Knitting Mama, my kid sounds like your daughter - he's happy enough to play by himself, he'll talk to other kids, but not really play with them. His teacher told me that he seems happy in his own company. This worries me, but does not really worry the teacher

DD says she hates school, mostly refuses to do her homework, and has become an emotional, angry wreck at home. She has started misbehaving at school in subtle ways (e.g. she threw away her writing and math packets so she wouldn't have to do them; she hangs out in the bathroom on her way to science and PE so she can spend less time in those classes). However, DD adores her teacher, and her teacher thinks highly of her.

My kid does the work, if he is interested. Is it at all possible to talk to the teacher and give more appropriate work ? My kid threw his writing in the recycling bin. I talked and talked with him, but some days are good, some days not so much.

The hiding in the bathroom worries me. Is her teacher worried about this ?