I know that this is true for many kids, but it shouldn't be. In fact, this was a huge problem for DS last year. He had been coasting by for his entire (short) school career. Then all of a sudden he was accelerated 2 years in math, placed in a class where he *didn't* know all of the material, and freaked out. Oops. At some point kids are going to get to a class where it's about learning and not just demonstrating. This may happen in elementary school, or maybe not until college. But it's a disservice to those kids to allow them to think school is not about learning at all.

Yes, I completely agree with this.

Also, I truly think it depends on the kind of child you have - some kids may be fine with school being boring overall, and learning to stay under the radar -- do whatever they are asked to do, with no complaints. Some kids may still do whatever they are asked to do, but it may manifest in other behaviors (anxiety, nightmares etc). Some other kids may just refuse to do work that is easy for them, or may refuse to do work because of a hidden disability. So, I think it depends.

Binip, you do make a lot of interesting points. I am all about teaching coping mechanisms - so your posts did help.

KnittingMama, I hope you get to the bottom of this. From what you have written, I don't think it is bullying, but it could be catty behavior. I also agree with Polarbear, I see it a lot among the girls in my kid's class, but not with the boys.