"Binip, do your kids ever complain or act out because school is not what they expect ?"

The tl;dr here is that I sent her in with low expectations of what she could get from school in terms of personal satisfaction, and high expectations of her behavior in the face of adversity, boredom, and/or interests that didn't align with the task at hand. So she doesn't complain that much because she didn't expect it to be different from what it is like. I asked her while writing this post if school was fun. She said, "Is it supposed to be fun?"

"Reading under the table is not allowed in my child's school -- it is actually seen as disrespect."

Well, it is disrespectful, but then you just take the mark down. It's better than getting a mark down for running down the halls. Civil disobedience vs. disruption.

I want school to be interesting for my kids but I view that as a bonus. I don't want to spoil them for it.