@binip - We do plenty of education at home, and we always have, so it's not like DD isn't learning anything. But, spending 6 hours a day in a mostly unstimulating environment is taking its toll on her. School should be stimulating. I don't expect it to be laugh-a-minute fun, or even stimulating all the time, but bored learners don't learn much.

@Dude - I don't want her behavior to go that far. I saw how emotionally damaged DS was; we should have pulled him out months earlier. While I am more comfortable with the idea of homeschooling than I was, say, a year ago, the fact that DS and I aren't quite in the groove yet makes me hesitate to bring DD home. But the downside to waiting is that DD is getting worse and worse. (Just out of curiosity, how old was your daughter when you pulled her out of school?)

@mom2one - AFAIK, her teacher doesn't know about the hiding in the bathroom; she does it on her way to specials, and so far the other teachers haven't reported it to her primary teacher. I promised I wouldn't tattle on her, but warned her that eventually she would get caught and be in trouble.

Her teacher has already started giving her more appropriate work in some areas (e.g. math and reading), and has said she will stop giving her work she deems too easy. I don't know how much this will help at this point, although it might allow us to delay homeschooling for a little while longer.