@binip - Kinder was pretty boring for her, and she had a less than stellar teacher. But it was only half day, we weren't yet homeschooling her brother, and she had the promise that "1st grade will be better." I think she mostly hates the fact that she knows much of what is being taught, and is really, really bored much of the time. And the stuff she does want to learn about (geography, Civil War, multiplication) obviously isn't offered.

@puffin - No, next year the teacher will have a straight 2nd grade class. There will be a 2/3 class she could go into, but with an unknown teacher. Personally, I'd rather her be with a good teacher who is willing to accelerate her in some subjects than risk a teacher who may not. Although the reality is that eventually she's either going to get really fed up with the non-accelerated stuff, or she's going to get a teacher who doesn't get her.

@ultramarina - I don't think there is bullying going on. I've asked the teacher to observe the playground, and she says that DD prefers to hang out on her own mostly. Actually, what DD wants is to spend recess in the classroom doing art projects, but that's not allowed. I think her personality meshes really well with her teacher's, but the stuff the teacher is presenting is "a waste of her time" (DD's words). It is worth asking the teacher about, though.

And she actually seems to enjoy hanging out in the bathroom. In addition to missing part of class, it allows her to watch other kids (this is an open campus, so the bathroom door faces the playground).

DD *can* have a resistant personality, although this seems to be more recent. In fact, at home she is acting very much like a sullen teenager these days. Arguing *everything* (why should I have to go to bed/brush my teeth/put on shoes), moody, explosive, and full of "you don't understand!" Plus she had a major crush on a fellow classmate, who did not return her friendship. At school, however, she is a total people-pleaser. Any misbehaving she does is non-disruptive and stealthy.