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I am really uncomfortable with the arguments about not switching on the right parts of the brain, or remembering as much/ learning as well, when typing instead of writing. Certainly for me typing significantly improved my spelling as I actually developed motor memory for typed spelling, I can feel when it's wrong, no such benefit from handwriting, in fact my spelling declines quite markedly in handwriting (it's never good mind).

I think that with anything, we can find a study to prove it's bad. If only we'd had scientific theory and research when our ancestors started using fire for cooking! Can you imagine the papers about smoke inhalation, loss of gathering skills and obesity that would result from not traveling long distances in a migratory pattern?

Technology, ANY technology, is always met with resistance. If using computers (or iPads) actually made it harder to be creative or write or active that part of the brain, people would stop using them. Our best authors wouldn't sit there frustrated with a lack of ideas just beating their heads on a keyboard, they'd pick up a quill pen and go back to work.

This conversation reminds me of a Ted Talk we watched recently at a school staff development day. It talks about the use of texting language and how people, for literally hundreds of years, have been complaining that kids can't write properly. http://www.ted.com/talks/john_mcwhorter_txtng_is_killing_language_jk.html